Twitter Steps into E-commerce in Partnership with American Express

Twitter is stepping into a new area of e-commerce by partnering with American Express to enable its consumers to buy goods by simply typing in a hashtag of an item they want to purchase. To start using the micro blogging service for shopping purposes, users are invited to sync their Amex accounts with their Twitter profile here, at

Amex explains how to use the new service in a special video and on the dedicated page. It is quite simple—once a cardmember spots a product they would like to purchase, they type in a special hashtag (#Buy[the product]) associated with the item. Then, they check the @Connect tab for a reply from AmexSync with a confirmation hashtag and are asked to tweet the confirmation within 15 minutes. Once it’s done, the purchase is complete, and the item will be delivered to the billing address indicated in the credit card information in two days for free.

A full catalogue of products, called “favorites,” is to be released today, February 13, at the @AmericanExpress Twitter page. The products, which can be bought through the new service, range from an American Express $25 gift card (it costs $15), Kindle Fire HD and Sony Action Cam to Xbox 360 video game console to Urban Zen Bracelet by Donna Karan.

The Card Sync service debuted on Twitter in March 2012, helping card users to generate couponless savings by tweeting special offer #hashtags from various chains. “Based on the initial success of Amex Sync for offers, we know there is significant power in combining our assets with Twitter’s platform to bring value to Cardmembers and merchants. Now, we’re leveraging our unique technology and closed-loop network to introduce a seamless solution that redefines what’s possible in the world of social commerce,” commented Leslie Berland, Senior Vice President, Digital Partnerships and Development at American Express.