City and Nature Merge in ABSOLUT Vodka Blank Edition by Dave Kinsey

ABSOLUT Vodka launches a new limited-edition bottle, originating from the brand’s previous project, ABSOLUT BLANK, which was launched back in 2011 and engaged celebrated artists from across the globe. It’s always better to start with a clean sheet—or a blank bottle,—so the new urban flower-inspired ABSOLUT VODKA BLANK EDITION by Dave Kinsey had a really good platform to grow on. In the new bottle print, the contemporary artist and designer explored the connection between emotional and environmental in his well-recognized “mural paintings” style.

The new bottle, which launches in seven markets in March, is infused with emotional energy, which lives in a burst of bright colors and darker-hued washes. In the print by the California-based artist, the nature and the big city settings are married—the flower, which represents the environmental side, is depicted with a distinct urban touch, which has vibrancy and power.

Photo: ABSOLUT Vodka Blank Edition by Dave Kinsey, (click to enlarge)

ABSOLUT Vodka and Dave Kinsey collaborated as part of the ABSOLUT BLANK project in its early stages—in 2011, he was among the 20 artists, who were tapped by the brand to participate in the program. He, along with other artists, filled ABSOLUT blank bottle-shaped canvas with art to reveal the brand’s inner passion for art and stunning creative potential—Kinsey’s work has been featured in print, outdoor advertising and TV, and now it splashes onto a bottle.

Dave Kinsey is a true living legend in the world of street art and design— and was a key figure in ABSOLUT BLANK from the beginning,” commented Nodjame Fouad, Global Marketing Director at The Absolut Company. “We love his contemporary approach to traditional subjects. His great sophistication and urban edge is just right for ABSOLUT, and perfect for ABSOLUT VODKA BLANK EDITION. Everything Kinsey does is bold, vibrant and filled with creative energy. That’s the spirit of ABSOLUT VODKA BLANK EDITION—and of the entire ABSOLUT brand.”

Kinsey’s not the only member of the art project’s team who continued the collaboration with the brand—in March 2012, ABSOLUT released a bottle featuring a design by another ABSOLUT BLANK artist, Mario Wagner.