Dell Helps Bring More Life into Graphic Novel Characters

Dell has released a spot titled “Meet Thomas: Creator of an Alternate Universe,” which inspires people to go creative even if they lead ordinary lives and don’t create much at their work. The advertisment, developed by Y&R NY, comes as a tribute to visionaries and game-changers, who live within each of us.
Meet Thomas M. Wilks. A district manager by day who is creating a surprising graphic novel on his seemingly typical daily commute home. With his imagination and the power of technology, Thomas can achieve his true passion everywhere he goes,” writes Dell in the description to the spot. The white collar is creating his own graphic novel universe on a XPS 12 Convertible Touch Screen Ultrabook, and sees how all creatures he imagines—a toad, a rabbit and a bird—come to life and pop up in the same train with him. Along with the imaginary spot, the brand released a series of making-of videos, which explain how the animal creatures were developed.

The brand also invites to explore the Touch Screen Ultrabook, which flips from a laptop to a tablet, on the Dell’s website. The “Meet Thomas” spot, directed by Bjoern Ruehmann, continues the series of ads, which also includes “Meet Billy: The Boy Who Captured the Stars” and “Meet Annie: The girl who could fly” videos, highlighting “The power to do more” message. They were released in mid and late 2012 and promoted the Dell products that help young learners and romantic teenagers turn their dreams into reality.