Michael Page Has Revealed UK Marketing 2013 Salary Survey

Michael Page, one of the world’s leading recruitment companies, has released 2013 Salary and Insight Report, which highlights the salary trends in the marketing sectors in the UK. For the study, the company has collected data from its 13 regional UK offices.

According to the report, salaries remained nearly the same between 2011 and 2012, still 59% (8% less than in 2012) of respondents expect their company to raise salaries and 43% (3% less than in 2012) believe they will hire more marketing staff over the next 12 months. With this, 43% of employers (compared to 46% in 2012) are going increase permanent headcount in 2013, while 20% (15% in 2012) are planning to decrease it.

The research explores salaries and various marketing sectors—these include Digital, FMCG, Leisure/Travel, Media, Financial Services and more. For instance, the most popular job roles in Digital are E-commerce manager, Digital marketing manager and Search marketing manager, and in Media they are Commercial partnerships manager, Subscription/acquisition marketing manager and Events marketing. “All marketers need to be able to justify their ROI in today’s market. In a poll we recently ran in our LinkedIn group, 70% of respondents thought marketing job salaries should become more performance related,” it is stated in the research.

As to the headcount in different sectors, the negative forecast is related to public sector (37% expect to decrease permanent headcount), FMCG (31%) and retail (29%). The positive picture is seen in the IT & telecoms and media sectors, which expect the 64% and 55% increase in headcount respectively. Employers were also asked to say if they felt their industry was keeping up with the depelopments in the industry. Respondents that believe that their sector is leading are: IT/telecoms (42%), media (32%), and FMCG (27%).

The importance of brand has risen by 10%; when asked what function employers thought would be the most important to grow business in 2013, 29% said brand. It takes the top spot from online/website development, which now ranks joint second with CRM (both 21%). The importance of online/website development, social media and mobile have all fallen around 3% each since 2012’s survey,” states the research.

See the full version of the research here. Some of the results were highlighted in the animated video below.