Oreo Asks Its U.S. Fans to Decide, Which Part They Like More: Cookie or Creme

Oreo sparks fight in its new “Cookie vs. Creme” campaign, which launched during Super Bowl in the USA yesterday. The brand, which in 2012 celebrated its 100th anniversary with a large-scale program that supported its status of “the world’s favourite cookie” through a series of rather controversial prints and initiatives, starts a new year with the two-month program, designed to divide the U.S. consumers into two camps, inviting them to decide, which part of Oreo they would like to take, the Cookie or the Creme.

The campaign kicked off during Super Bowl XLVII with Wieden+Kennedy’s 30-second spot titled “Whisper Fight,” in which a simple disagreement over the preferences (one man likes the cookie side, while the other chooses the creme one) culminates in a nearly apocalyptic battle (the fight is a low voice since it takes place in the library). The spot will be followed by the second ad, which is to air on March 11 and continue the “nearly silent” confrontation. The “Whisper Fight” commercial included an invitation to visit the brand’s Instagram channel for deeper engagement (according to CNBC, half the Super Bowl ads included Twitter hashtags in their game-time spots to spark conversations on media channels). In addition, the activations will roll out across select retailers across the country and a texting sweepstakes for a chance to win $100,000.

The brand used the ad to drive the audience to Oreo’s Instagram profile, where they can vote for their favourite part of the cookie—for this, they are invited to hashtag their fabourite photos with various objects (from a light bulb to the Eiffel Tower), created from cream or cookie, with “#cookiethis” or “#cremethis”—the voting lasts for 3 days. The sculptures with the most number of likes will be re-created by artists using the part, which will lbe selected by the public.

The theme of rivalry within one brand was heavily used by Twix, Marmite and Cadbury to name a few. Usually, such promotions are designed to engage the whole country—as it was with the multi-platform Spots v Stripes sport focused program—and start a never-ending “tastes differ” conversation, which contribute to the brand’s image on a long-term basis.