Spam Is «Breaking the Monotony» with the Help of Sir Can-A-Lot in the Social-Media Campaign

The legendary canned meat producer Spam is launching the “Break the Monotony” social-media campaign, featuring the brand’s first-ever spokescharacter, Sir Can-A-Lot. The marketing initiative by BBDO Proximity Minneapolis is rolling out across the brand’s YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter feed, encouraging the U.S. community to take a fresh look at their everyday eating habits.

For the effort, Spam has teamed up with Roy Choi of Kogi BBQ Truck fame, who has developed new recipes with Spam’s products to inspire Spam fans’ home-cooking creativity.

The brand is inviting its fans “distressed by daily dullness to achieve their mission of ridding the world-wide-web of mealtime boredom,” as written in the press release. For deeper engagement, Spam will connect with the audience directly through personalized animated web videos, which will be created in real-time as responses to some users bored with their conventional meals and dull tweets. So far, the brand has launch a series of introductory clips to kick-off the initiative (watch some of them above and below).

The animated humorous vignettes will feature the Sir Can-A-Lot spokescharacter, created by Laika House. The fictional knight along with Roy Choi will be interacting with the brand’s fans on Spam’s social medial hubs. Those who join the action on the social media pages are asked to use the #BreaktheMonotony hashtag, starting today, March 1.

The ‘Break The Monotony’ campaign will allow Spam fans to connect with the brand on a more personal level within the social space. Participants will experience the fun-loving, down-to-earth brand personality firsthand through their dialogue with Sir Can-A-Lot and enjoy new recipes created by Chef Roy Choi,” commented Nicole L. Behne, senior product manager of Spam’s family of products.