Budweiser Buddy Cups Help Making Friends on Facebook while Drinking Beer

Budweiser Brazil has introduced a whole new approach to friending people on Facebook. The beer brand is now testing special glasses, “The Buddy Cups,” which enable anyone to befriend a person by just clinking the cups together with him or her at a party. Thanks to a microchip that is embedded in the bottom of the glass, drinkers can make friends on Facebook instantly, when toasting.

To activate the technology and connect to their Facebook profiles, drinkers have to scan the special code of the chip via a smartphone app. When the Buddy Cups touch, their holders become friends on Facebook and a red light flashes on the cup. The video below explains how it works.

So far, Budweiser hasn’t specified if the Buddy Cup will be available outside Brazil.The brand notes that “soon [consumers] will also be able to make friends with just a toast in the Budzone of Budweiser major events.” It comes as a nice match for the Heineken’s smart beer bottle, which reacts to lights and various motions in the partying environment.