Google Celebrating April 1 with Google Nose, Google Map Treasure, Gmail Blue, and Other Pranks

Google is launching a bunch of pranks for April Fool’s Day. Google Nose beta seems to be the most impressive one in this range. The service allows to experience smells of various things by just typing in their names and also lets detect objects by their scent. Google Nose, developed “to offer the sharpest olfactory experience available,” even got a website where the service is detailed.

In a dedicated clip, Google explains how the new smells-focused service works. The spot is created as a serious clip outlining technical specifications in a very convincing manner. According to the spot, Google Nose allows to re-create and recognize a wide selection of smells by “intersecting photons with infrasound waves” and “temporarily aligning molecules to emulate a particular scent.” Users also can “share” the scents they’ve found. Google reveals the smells of both traditional objects that have some scent like cookies, dogs, spring mornings and things that don’t actually smell such as success or ghosts.

The Google Aromabase stores 15M+ scentibytes gathered all across the globe, meaning that virtually any existing smell can be offered to users for a short smelling experience. The new feature works both on desktops and mobile devices, so users can enjoy the “cutting-edge” technology on the go. Google also invites users to try the service right away by clicking “the smell button” on the search page. The indicator bar shows that the scent is being transmitted, but you can’t smell the thing you’ve searched? Probably, it’s just because your computer doesn’t support the technology yet. Wait for another 20 years or so. By the way, in its latest forecast “5 in 5” IBM predicted that in five years mobile phones would be able to detect and distinguish odors. Whether it happens or not, Google already has a technology for that.

Google has also “introduced” Street Sense, in which cars have inhaled and indexed millions of atmospheric miles, Android Ambient Odor Detection that collects smells via the most sensible mobile OS, AdScent, YouTube Nosed captions and SMELLCD™ 1.8+ high-resolution compatible for precise and controlled odors.

Those who didn’t fall for Google Smell might be a bit confused by jokes from three other Google’s web services. YouTube has announced it has set to select a winning “entry” from the uploaded videos and is going to delete the rest; Google Maps is inviting the global audience to join forces in searching Captain Kidd’s treasures, while Gmail has introduced its “all-blue” next generation version. Watch the videos below to learn more about the “new” features.