Head & Shoulders and Old Spice «Merge» in a New «Irresistible» Shampoo for Men in the U.S.

Procter & Gamble unites its two leading brands, Head & Shoulders and Old Spice, for a new product that combines the benefits of both labels’ ranges. The launch of the new product, which is the official shampoo of Major League Baseball (MLB), is supported by multi-channel “Season of the Whiff” promotional campaign with a humorous touch.

The new shampoo kills two birds with one stone. “Head & Shoulders Old Spice Shampoo and dual-action 2-in-1 relieve scalp itch, dryness and irritation while improving hair and scalp health, all with the fresh, masculine scent of Old Spice,says the dedicated page. The promotion for the new product, created to help guys live 100% flake free and smell handsome, is fronted by Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’ C.J. Wilson and his teammate Josh Hamilton. They starred in a series of fun spots focusing on the irresistible smell of the new shampoo (watch them below) on and off the pitch. The 15-second TV vignettes that debut today were directed by Russell Bates, who has also worked on Snickers, Tide, and AXE.

The Season of the Whiff campaign has a charitable and social-media twist as well. Starting April 1, Opening Day, as part of the MLB Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program the company will be donating $1 for every tweeted whiff. Fans are invited to tweet pitcher’s strikeouts throughout the season using the #Whiff hashtag with their favorite team’s Twitter handle. The raised money will be donated to their teams’ local RBI leagues to support the initiative aimed at promoting baseball and softball among young people from urban and underserved areas.

My job is to strike people out, that’s why the Angels brought me in. So if any hitters out there want to help the kids, just go ahead and strike out,” commented Mr. Wilson. According to Ad Age, the «Whiff of the Game» segment will be integrated into game broadcasts on regional sports networks in 11 markets.