Lexus Brings Eduardo Coimbra’s Cloudy Installation to Moscow

As part of its long-standing commitment to contemporary art in a three-year long project Lexus Hybrid Art, the brand has brought some spring clouds on the sunny streets of the Russian capital this April. «Nuvem» («Cloud» in Portuguese)—is the name of a 17-square feet open-air installation that reflects the sunlight in the day time and glows at night, resembling a cloudy sky. The author of the piece, the Brazilian multimedia artist Eduardo Coimbra, kindly agreed to showcase «Nuvem» as part of the Lexus Hybrid Art platform that now steps over the bounds of traditional museum space and comes out on the streets of Moscow.

First presented in Rio de Janeiro, the artist’s home city, the glowing installation consists of five light boxes made of iron, translucent canvas, mirrors and fluorescent lamps. At the intersection of  Petrovka Street and Kuznetsky Bridge, visitors can walk in, around and in between the cloudy boxes to explore the sky that Coimbra brought down to the ground in a most elegant manner.

«Nuvem», as the artist describes it «forces the boundaries between interiors and exteriors of art spaces,» and echoes another famous piece of art—«The Empire of Light» by the Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte. Yet, unlike his paradoxically clear blue sky that triumphs over the gloomy dark streets, Coimbra’s sky emphasizes the harmony of darkness and brightness, urban and natural, internal and external.

In August 2013, Lexus will invite contemporary art connoisseurs to attend its next large exhibition at the Manezh Hall.

Photo: the «Nuvem» installation by Eduardo Coimbra in the centre of Moscow, April 2013.