Nokia Windows Phone Comes as a “Peacemaking” Alternative to Apple and Samsung Smartphones

The epic smartphone war, started by Samsung against Apple, is escalating as a new member, Nokia Windows Phone, enters it with a new commercial created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky. In this new Microsoft’s campaign a smartphone from Nokia comes as a nice solution to those who are tired of figuring out which phone is better, iPhone or Galaxy. Positioning Windows Phone as a smart “peacemaking” option, the commercial invites the audience to consider other choices rather than iOS and Androis-based devices.

The spot, which has two formats (:30 and :60) and behind-the-scenes version for cinema, tells a story of one wedding that goes all wrong. As the bridegroom and bride are about to make their vows, the guests start taking pictures of the couple with their iPhones and Galaxies. That’s when the verbal tussle and later an actual fight starts. While Apple and Samsung fans are using their fists to defend their phone truths, two members in the catering team are recording the wedding battle with their colorful Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phones. In the end of the spot, Nokia says, “Don’t fight. Switch.”

We have our own fans, of course. And while they may be outnumbered (for now), they’re no less proud and routinely urge us to do more to get the word out about Windows Phone. So we took a lighthearted approach that underscores a simple, oft-overlooked truth: There are choices. iPhone and Android aren’t the only—or even best—options out there for all smartphone buyers,” wrote Michael Stroh, Microsoft’s Writer and Editor, in a blog post.

Last year Microsoft launched another campaign entitled «Scroogled» against its rival in the Internet search field, Google.