Perrier Offers a Virtual Reincarnation Experience in a Digital «Secret Place» Game

Commemorating its 150th anniversary, Perrier is launching a global digital campaign that invites fans to participate in the brand’s ‘Secret Society’ party in Paris and virtually live someone else’s live for a while. The website Perrier Secret Place, developed by Ogilvy & Mather Paris, helps unlock an unparallel, super-natural 360° gaming experience that resembles the style of the previous Perrier’s campaigns, such as Dita von Teese’s gothic mansion and Le Club Perrier

Once the online quest is loaded, a user sees a laundry—he or she enters it and shows the Perrier special sign tattooed on the wrist to the Asian lady, sitting at the desk. The woman invites the user to proceed to the door, which leads to a secret apartment. There, a strange man explains the rules of the game, saying that the user can get into the skin of any of the 60 characters in the room and explore the hidden world of the ‘secret society’ through someone else’s eyes. Since the characters are played by real actors, everything feels very realistic. The ultimate goal is to discover five clues, which will help the user find the secret Perrier bottle and win some prizes. More clues can be also found on the brand’s Facebook page.

The characters include dancing ladies, a fashionable elderly gambling matron, a rollerskating waitress, musicians, a bartender and many more. One can also skip to the previously used characters, which are highlighted on the wheel in the bottom of the page. Each user has just 90 seconds to complete the game, and if he or she fails, Perrier offers a new chance to try. The experience can be also accessed through a themed app available on the Google Play Market.

The Perrier Secret Place digital game can be enjoyed by anyone, but only the residents of full age from the selected countries including France, the UK, the USA, Turkey, Spain, South Korea, Russia and some others (20 countries in total) can be competing for a prize—a trip for two to Carnival in Rio, Ibiza in Spain, St. Tropez in France, Art Basel in Miami or New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia. One winner will be selected in a random drawing each week for the five weeks of the campaign. The competition is running from Aril 2 through May 6.

«Our goal was to give people the opportunity to live an experience they wouldn’t normally live, but have always dreamed about,» said Chris Garbutt, Chief Creative Office, Ogilvy & Mather Paris. «And thanks to Perrier, you can live it not once, but multiple times, through the eyes of multiple characters. This is an idea that is only possible thanks to the technology we have at our disposal today, and a bit of creative thinking.»