Brands That Teach: Insightful, Responsible, Beautiful

We’ve re-launched! On May 1, 2013 the Popsop website saw a series of dramatic changes—we updated the design, refined and simplified the navigation, launched a neat weekly newsletter, and, most importantly, decided to go back to our roots and revived the «Brands that teach» philosophy, first implemented in our ranking project Sensei Brand Award back in 2011.

Initially launched in April 2008 as a small blog about package design, Popsop (the name comes from «popular soup,» as our first logo was inspired by Andy Warhol’s can of Campbell’s soup) later grew into something bigger and broader—a so-called «brand magazine online.» However hard we tried, we haven’t managed to become the «best, fastest and most insightful website about brands,» neither we were the first or with unique positioning among all sorts of advertising and marketing online titles alike. To make our voice heard, we’ve come back to what we truly love and believe in—insightful, responsible and beautiful brands that teach us, make us think, feel, help, innovate, develop and sustain.

It’s unlikely that on the new Popsop website you’ll see a news that David Beckham becomes a new face of a Brand A, or a Brand B launches a new flavor or/and a new TV commercial. Since now we focus on what provides new knowledge, inspires, teaches, fosters new positive culture, serves as an example for those companies who embrace the «doing good» strategy.

Now, when the times of Gordon Gekkos are the ancient history, and businesses small and big realize that their ultimate goal is not just «making profit», we believe the new Popsop can be interesting and useful for even a broader audience of marketers, brand strategists, designers and researchers who share our values.

If you’d like to say hello, learn more about our plans, give us your feedback on the new website design, or you’d like to become an expert columnist for Popsop—please contact our editor Kate Belan at Your thoughts, views and suggestions are appreciated!