Coca-Cola Introduces a Splittable Shared Can as a Fun Experiment

Coca-Cola gives a new spin to its “share the happiness” saga with a sharing can. Before, people could enjoy a bottle of Coke together over a pop-up dinner delivered by a track, they even could present Coke in a personalized packaging to their friends, but it was impossible to share a can. Now, people are able to do it.

The soda giant has collaborated with Ogilvy & Mather Singapore and France to unveil a new design for a Coca-Cola 330ml can that triggers 2x more happiness than a regular can as it’s created for two people. To share a Coke can, one is just to twist it apart into two tiny cans of 115ml each. It’s another representation of Coke’s magical power—while the can breaks into half, the joy doubles.

The design of the can has been developed by the French team of Martin Olivier and Olivier Brechon, Fast Company reports. The new splittable cans are available in Singapore in a limited quantity only—the can is unveiled there as part of Happiness Truck ongoing marketing effort, “during a trial stage.” They are not available in store.

The mini soda cans might be a contribution to Coca-Cola’s effort to fight obesity across the globe as it comes as a great alternative to regular and oversized carbonated beverages. Yet, the can design could evoke environmental concerns—more cans, more aluminum tops and bottoms, more waste. Sharing happiness is good, but would people like to share bad karma for trashing?