Coca-Cola Promises to Dramatically Cut Advertising Targeted at Young Children

The Coca-Cola Company has made a pledge to cease ads to kids under 12 across the globe. The soda drinks maker is often accused of contributing to the children’s obesity, and this move is expected to clear the “fatty” image of the company that celebrates its 127th these days. The move is part of Coca-Cola’s «Coming Together» campaign, which was launched earlier this year.

Still, there won’t be total elimination of ads to kids—the company will just set the improved age restictions. According to the new Coming Together infographics (view it below), the company’s “responsible marketing guidelines include a global industry policy to not buy advertising directly targeted at audiences that are more than 35% children under age 12.” Before, this threshold was 50%, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company will be limiting its advertising targeted at kids across all media, including TV, radio and print, as well as, where data can be analyzed, on the Internet and mobile.

This is the fourth step of the company’s anti-obesity commitment outlined in the visual report. The first three are focused on offering low or no-calorie beverage options in every market; providing transparent nutrition and calorie information on the front of the packaging (which is already done in the U.S. and some other countries); and helping get people moving. The infographics also reveals the company’s achievements in these fields.

Coca-Cola’s «Coming Together» campaign, rolled by in the U.S. (in January), the UK (March) and Canada (April), highlights the low- and zero-calorie soda options and smaller-sized portions provided by the giant. Along with focusing on its products, the company also urges the audience to control their calorie intake and adopt active lifestyles to lose extra weight. To learn more about Coca-Cola’s commitments and ways to keep fit, consumers are invited to visit the «Coming Together» online destination. The site also features a 1–minute version of the 2-minute film released earlier this year.

The key here is to ensure that in every market where we operate to have no- or low-calorie beverages of our main brands available. We do not have that consistently across the world today,” commented Muhtar Kent, The Coca-Cola’s company chairman and chief executive.

The infographics reveals that 19 of 20 Coca-Cola’s top brands have diet options, and 45+ in 15+ countries are sweetened in whole, or in part, with natural zero-calorie stevia. The new commitment is expected to drive the diet beverages from the giant’s lineup to a broader number of markets, across more than 200 countries where the company’s drinks are sold. So far, the company hasn’t given a target date for achieving the global goals and hasn’t commented on the budget to complete the multi-part plan either.

Pic.: The Coming Together infographics, click to enlarge