Coors Banquet Unveils «Stubby» Heritage Bottle Designed by Landor

Following the launch of the so-called «heritage» limited-edition cans in summer 2012, Coors Banquet is rolling out a new addition to its retro collection this June—a «stubby» bottle designed in the same post-prohibition style. The shape of the new bottle, as well as the label graphics from 1936, 1940, and 1977, have been created by the long-time MillerCoors design partner Landor Associates.

Coors Banquet is one of the oldest authentic American beer brands, introduced in 1873 by the company’s founder Adolph Coors. In 2007, the brand was first to develop innovative cold-activated labels and cans in which the mountains turned blue to show that the beer was cold enough to drink.

Lately, another popular international MillerCoors’ brand, Miller Lite, has refreshed its bottle design with the help of 4sight inc.

Photo: Coors Banquet "Stubby" Bottle, 2013
Photo: Coors Banquet «stubby» bottle, 2013

Coors Banquet heritage cans 2012_Packaging designed by Landor Associates

Photo: Coors Banquet heritage cans, 2012
Photo: Coors Banquet heritage cans, 2012