Google+ Helps Host Virtual Same-Sex Marriages

Yesterday, the first same-sex French wedding was arranged in the city of Montpellier following the passage of a law allowing same-sex couples to marry and adopt children. Prior to the legalization of gay marriage in the country, non-profit organization Tous Unis Pour l’Egalité teamed up with Google and Ogilvy Paris to provide French same-sex couples with an opportunity to wed over the Internet, via Google+ Hangout.

The first social same-sex marriages of the gay couples was hosted with the virtual participation of a Mayor from Belgium, the country where such civil unions are already legalized. The Hangout allowed to invite 10 users in a video call—members and friends could became the guests at the ceremony by turning their web cameras on. The experience was also broadcasted live on YouTube. The project had rather a symbolic meaning, but it demonstrated how the power of technology is leveraged to improve lives of people, in any fields, including the very private ones.

“Their [the couples’] relation was still not legally recognised after that online wedding,” commeted Tous Unis Pour l’Egalité below the recap video. “But the principle was to give to everyone a strong way to get engaged to support publicly same-sex marriage at a time it was under a lot of pressure in France. Now same-sex wedding is legal in France, the 3 couples have planned to get officially married.”

While France has already adopted the law about same-sex marriages, there are a lot of countries which haven’t done so. Love it or not, the initiative is set to roll across the globe as the team behind it invites gay couples from anywhere to get married in the web. “Please be in touch with us,, and we will marry you, from France, live on the Internet via Google Hangouts,” says the non-profit.