JELL-O Gives a New Meaning to «FML» in a New Twitter-Based Campaign in the U.S.

Kraft Food’s brand JELL-O has leveraged the power of a popular Internet abbreviation, FML, for its new campaign. The tree letters get decoded as “f*ck my life” and are used to conclude narrations about some unpleasant experience, but the brand gave it a positive finishing. The jelly brand has interpreted the abbreviation as “Fun My Life,” inviting the fan community to share what kind of fun they need.


The campaign by Crispin Porter+Bogusky is rolling out on the special live and no-bottom site, where consumers can tweet @JELLO to tell the brand why it should fun their life. JELL-O provides quick responses to users’ tweets—there’s a robot responding to the messages, but most of them get quite logic replies.

Still, there are a lot of not very smart matches as well—for instance, one user tweeted that he was excited to be on summer vacation, and the brand responded that “That doesn’t sound fun. However, music does.” Each of the replies goes with a blue picture featuring a related object (sports gear, a DVD player, alarm clock and a cup of coffee to name a few) along with two-cup pack of JELL-O—the imagery can be shared via Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

The activity is rolling out through June 14—over the past 10 days, JELL-O has received over 74,000 tweets. The brand will also be giving away prizes, a sponsor-designated prize packs related winner’s #FML tweet, among the U.S. participants.

It’s not the first time brands use abbreviations with a quite modest meaning, drawing parallels with profane language. For its latest campaign for the Norelco electric razor brand, Philips re-imagined the FAQ word as a verb, getting men in the promotion saying “I’d FAQ Me.”