Louis Vuitton Teaches “The Art of Packing,” Again

Louis Vuitton unveils a new installation in its “The Art of Packing” series, which explains the smart packing techniques using a playful animation format. In the new chapter, Louis Vuitton focuses on the most effective ways of folding clothes and packing them in the Zephyr 55 trolley case.

Travelling is usually fun, but packing is a quite boring and tiresome process. The instructional stop-motion videos from LV provide expert tips and tricks on preparing for any trip in a short time. The new series focus on Louis Vuitton’s Zephyr 55 trolley case and tells how to fold clothing items to make the most of the space within any case. The new chapter features a 1-minute clip as well as short videos dedicated to certain clothing items, explaining how to interlace the shirts, fold jackets with pants, and fold jeans in half.

The Art of Packing page shares the valuable techniques with an interactive twist on the official webiste of the brand. Users are invited to fold the clothing items on the screen by pulling the black arrows. There, LV describes how to fold the top, blazer, pants, and shorts, and finally how to pack the bag with these female wardrobe essentials.