Luksusowa Teaches How to Be a Real Man in Its Hilarious Digital «Guide to Manliness»

The potato vodka brand Luksusowa has launched an online guide of true manliness behavior on its global website.

For the project, the Polish the brand from the Pernod Ricard portfolio has teamed up with London-based agency AnalogFolk and celebrated graphic artist Mr Bingo, who created a series of themed black-and-white imagery to illustrate a collection of 33 humorous shareable instructions on how real men should behave.

Pic.: Luksusowa’s «The Man’s Guide to Manliness», click to enlarge

“We know that in today’s world of “metrosexuals,’ house-husbands and male-grooming salons it can be hard to remember what truly makes a man, a man,” reads the scroll-down site. “That’s why we’ve created this compendium of wisdom to help you live like a man was made to. So read on and join us on our continuing mission to Save The Male—if not for ourselves then for our sons.”

The brand offers a variety of somewhat weird tips related to all aspects of modern men’s life. These include information on “how to catch prey,” “how to laugh,” “how to open things women can’t,” “how to choose a dog,” and “how to wear a cardigan” to name a few. The instructions for the correct manly behavior get displayed along with the facts about the brand, which are perfectly integrated into the manhood-centered guide.

Recently, another alcoholic brand, Jack Daniel’s, launched a completely different marketing initiative around the same theme. In its “Oder of a Gentlemen” campaign, the brand shared the only proper code of an authentic manly behavior with a refined and exquisite style.

Pic.: Luksusowa’s «The Man’s Guide to Manliness», click to enlarge