Oreo’s “Wonderfilled” Campaign Celebrates the Philanthropic Power of Giving a Cookie

Oreo believes that sharing its creme-filled sandwich cookies might change the world for better. In the new lovely cartoonish campaign “Wonderfilled” by The Martin Agency, the best-selling U.S. cookie brand is wondering what would happen if one gave an Oreo to some most blood-thirsty creatures. It claimes that the cookie might reveal the bright side in them, inspiring these beasts to help others, not to kill them.

The brand makes an attempt to re-write stories of a vampire in a creepy show, the Big Bad Wolf and a great white shark, wondering what would happen if these received an Oreo. The animated anthem spot, that runs in two formats (:90 and :30), is the centerpiece of the campaign. Set to a catchy jingle by Owl City (Adam Young), the TV clip hypothesizes about potentially positive outcomes of the tragedies if they included an act of sharing an Oreo. The 30-second version of the ad is not an abridged 1.5-minute clip at all—the lyrics of its song are different, but the characters in the spot are the same.

Wonder if I gave an Oreo to a vampire in a creepy show, would he not act so undead? Would he thirst for milk instead? I’ve just got the feeling that it might work out all right… Wonder if I Gave an Oreo to you?” sings the voiceover in the 90-sec clip. In the end of the spots, one may see hands of different creatures (some of them are rivals in their original stories) including Captain Hook, King Kong, an alien, a ruthless medieval warrior, a giant octopus, and many more, sharing an Oreo. Along with the spots, Oreo released a graphic-story print based on the lyrics of the longer clip. The spots can be also watched on YouTube in 3D.

Wonderfilled focuses on the positive change in perspective the simple act of sharing an Oreo can create, tapping into the universal human feeling of wonder. The ability to wonder is something we all share, but too often forget or ignore,” commented the The Martin Agency on the campaign. “Wonderfilled captures the feeling that kids are naturally so good at, yet adults need to be reminded of: a sense of wonder in the world.”

The campaign follows the recent rivalry-themed U.S. advertising push “Cookie vs. Cream” and a series of large-scale marketing activations, launched by Oreo to celebrate its 100th anniversary.