P&G Enters the PantoneLIVE Platform to Improve Colors on Its Packaging

Pantone, the world’s recognized color expert, is opening doors of PantoneLIVE, its cloud-based color service, to Procter & Gamble, which means that from now on, the company’s production teams across the globe will get an instant access to digital color palettes for designing, proofing and printing the packaging.

PantoneLIVE was introduced in spring 2012 as a collaborative effort from X-Rite Inc., the global leader in color science and technology, and Pantone, the subsidiary of X-Rite. The system of color standardization, supported by licensed hardware and software, lets the packaging-supply chains from any industry use the PantoneLIVE Colors together with their own branded palettes.

PantoneLIVE now enables P&G’s suppliers from any corner of the world to access the secured cloud database to source the color palettes—this allows to minimize color revisions and reduce approval times, lower development costs.

“With supply chains located around the world, it is extremely difficult for large corporations to maintain universal color consistency,” explained Dr. Sonia Megert, vice president of the Pantone Digital Business unit at X-Rite/Pantone. “The PantoneLIVE system is ideal for an innovative, global corporation like P&G because it provides a centralized online repository for managing, controlling and accessing official brand color criteria.”

The dedicated platform features the case study videos, in which representatives of Heinz Beans and Chesapeake are talking about how their brands contributed from PantoveLive.

In April, Pantone also launched PANTONEVIEW.com, an online subscription service, which provided inspiration, trends and global professional insights to designers involved in the packaging development process. «On-line, on-trend, on-target colour insight and analysis to inform and inspire your colour decisions,» here is how Pantone describes the new destination.

PANTONEVIEW.com is a paid service—monthly and annual subscriptions are available for $24.95 and $169.95, respectively, and a reduced annual fee for students $99.95.