ABSOLUT and 27 emerging artists transform mundanity of Brooklyn streets into immersive Open Canvas

ABSOLUT VODKA, a continuos art patron from the cohort of alcoholic brands that ‘sell’ creativity as part of their DNA, has rolled out a global communication campaign TRANSFORM TODAY in the U.S. with the opening of an interactive art exhibition in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, June 22 – June 29. Started back in 1985 with a commission of Andy Warhol, the almost 30-year-long campaign includes the Open Canvas international initiative that aims to unleash hidden creative potential of the people who see the world differently.

This time the brand has invited 27 emerging artists that express their individuality in different visual techniques—from wind art to crocheted fence tapestries and digital projections—to transform the North 6th Street (between Kent and Wythe) in Brooklyn (Williamsburg), NY. The work began on June 10th so that passers-by could watch the process of creation in motion. Now the open exhibit showcases two dozens of conceptual artworks—some of them are interactive—among which there are Justin Lowe & Jonah Freeman’s “The Starchamber”, a visual and digital experience surrounding the 1970’s famous cult sci-fi film, and Ryan McNamara’s “Dance”, which is a real dance performance tailored for each viewer to name a few. Probably, one of the most time-consuming yet catchy is the 80-foot long crocheted yarn fence, crafted by the Polish-born American artist Agata Oleksiak aka OLEK, that states «All we need is love and money.»

“My art has always sought to bring color, life, energy, and surprise to the living space,” said OLEK. “ABSOLUT’s Open Canvas project has given me the creative freedom to produce exciting new work and share it with the public.”

The lineup of the participating artists, who have transformed Brooklyn streets, is represented by: Asger Carlsen, Tony Cox, Craig Damrauer, Ara Dymond, Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe, Aurora Halal, Dev Harlan, Valerie Hegarty, KATSU, Andrew Kuo, Ryan McNamara, Joseph Montgomery, Mark Nystrom, OLEK, Rostarr, el_peego, JK5, Dominic Neitz, Signal, TwoJay, Kevin Phillips, itsalrightwerealright.com, Justin Beal, Michael Zahn, Lucas Knipscher, Steven Rose and Joanna Seitz.

This is the first Open Canvas event in the U.S. in 2013, with the next art exhibition to open in San Francisco, California.

Photo: ABSOLUT TRansform Today campaign
Photo: ABSOLUT TRansform Today campaign
Photo: OLEK's "Forgotten barrier"
Photo: OLEK’s «Forgotten barrier»
Photo: Dev Harlam's "Parmenides 1”
Photo: Dev Harlam’s «Parmenides 1”
Photo: Craig Damraurer's artwork “Consider Yourself Warned”
Photo: Craig Damraurer’s artwork “Consider Yourself Warned”
Photo: KATSU’s signature fire extinguisher art
Photo: KATSU’s signature fire extinguisher art