Apple humbly states its intention to “perfect people’s lives”—in a new animated spot by TWBA\ Media Arts Lab

Silently emotional and gently soulful—are the right  words to describe Apple’s latest corporate image campaign «Intention,» created by TWBA\ Media Arts LabDeveloped for the six international markets (U.K., Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan) with copywriting in five languages, it clearly tells the story and answers the question why millions of people choose Apple over nokias, samsungs, and other brands—it’s care and strive for perfection. Elegant animated dots which are beautiful in their mathematical precision and simplicity, merge and collide, provoking elevated thoughts.


Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
CCO: Duncan Milner
ECD: Eric Grunbaum, Steve Turner
GCD: Chris Ribeiro, Drew Stalker
CD: Ben Kay
ACD/CW: Brooks Jackson, Deborah Casswell, Jane Atkinson
Sr. AD: Pauline Kerleroux
AD: Danny Duran
Sr. CW: David Oswald, Damien Ruzé
CW: Zane Miller, Rob Goldenberg, Daniel Roznovjak, Mara Rizzetto, Juanjo Saldivar
Executive Producer: Mike Refuerzo, Dan Heighes
Agency Producers: Mallory Gordon, Ben Bragg, Stephanie Gocke, Tessa Kocourek, Jennifer Taylor, Charlotte Glennon, Lee Cameron