Smirnoff Vodka Partners with Neurotechnology Experts to Turn Brainwaves into Music

Smirnoff presents a revolutionary project, Mindtunes, that marks a new level of relationship between music and people. The vodka brand, English music producer DJ Fresh and neurotechnology expert Julien Castet have teamed up to let three physically disabled music fans compose a track with their brain only, and without any regular musical sound-making devices.

The music piece has been developed using brainwave technology that captures and transforms brain electrical activity into music beats. For the project, the three physically challenged men, Andy, Mark and Jo, spent some time in the specially equipped studio, where the emotions they experienced during the recording sessions were turned into music beat using an ElectroEncephaloGraphy device (EEG). Then, the music sounds and beats were overlaid to create a one-of-a-kind, 2:34 piece that was aptly called Mindtunes.

The single, created using only mind-controlled musical instruments, can be purchased on iTunes for $1.29. The track comes as an example of how technology can break down the barriers of physical disability and boost creative expression, and it also helps pave the way for new breakthrough achievements by physically challenged individuals. The proceeds from the sale of the music piece will be donated directly to Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF), which every year helps thousands of people with certain disabilities realize their true potential.

“Enabling a group of musicians to fulfill their musical ambitions has been an amazing experience. Not only does The Smirnoff Mindtunes demonstrate there is a creator inside each of us, but will also raise money for a charity that helps thousands of disabled people every year realise their true potential,” commented Emma Sherwood-Smith, Smirnoff Marketing Manager Western Europe.

Smirnoff Europe’s YouTube page also features the making-of video along with the inspirational documentaries starring the creative team behind the initiative by Duval Guillaume Modem. The Publicis Worldwide agency reports that Mindtunes is the first project in a series of upcoming Smirnoff’s efforts aiming to “demonstrate how innovation and inventiveness enables us all to realise our creative potential.”

Technology that can read and translate brain activity into visible, touchable and audible forms is a game changer for the design and entertaining industries. Brainwaves were already used to create unique limited-edition designs for the iconic Variér kneeling chairs that help increase concentration.