Watch Out: Newly-Launched «Beautiful Mind» Neuro-Design Lab May Blow Your Mind

Although brilliant Russel Crowe has nothing to do with the endeavour, the launch of the new creative agency Beautil Mind is a noteworthy event indeed—the first «neuro-design lab» of its kind in the UK (and in the world) is something worth to be aware of.

Founded by the brand consultancy Purpose in collaboration with internationally acclaimed neuroscientist Dr Beau Lotto,  Beautiful Mind brings together the latest knowledge in neuroscience, behavioural science and design thinking to offer brands a new way of looking at customer and client behaviours.  As the team says,  they first ask the right questions, then use scientific methodologies to provide transformative answers—that’s how they work. They will deliver three types of services to clients: talks, workshops and tailored primary research programmes.

Beautiful Mind will also produce its own innovative products, services and experiences, such as an ongoing project—an interactive ‘digital tree’ in a prime London location. This is going to be an augmented-reality social network in development in Silicon Valley and a pop-up laboratory in the form of a night club/cabaret which liberates field research from the inhibiting contrivances of a focus group setting.

To better get the idea of Beautiful Mind’s approach, listen to Beau Lotto’s insight on what creativity is and why it’s roots are not basically ‘creative’ at all.