Beefeater and the Bastille rock band to capture the sound and colours of Europe

Beefeater Gin teams up with Bastille, the popular UK band, for a cultural project, The Beefeater Alchemy Project, set to draw inspiration and encapsulate the artistic spirit of Europe. Together, they are creating a documentary film and a music track, which will be produced in London from the best sounds, ideas and trends absorbed during a continental tour across Europe.

Over the three-month travel, Bastille will be composing a single music piece that will encompass several different ingredients from different lands, just like the Beefeater gin itself. The band will be making stops in Barcelona, Naples and Dublin under the banner “The best of Europe, distilled in London.”  When back to London, the musicians will mix and fuse all the cultural components to create a unique soundtrack, which will be the culmination of The Beefeater Alchemy Project initiative. They will also release a documentary film about their European adventures.

Clips, photos and additional content covering the journey will be posted to the Tumblr-hosted online blog—these highlights will be used in the upcoming documentary. The online destination features content from other social platforms, SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook to provide the most accurate picture of the cross-cultural voyage.

“The Beefeater Alchemy Project is a brilliant opportunity for us to briefly break away from the sometimes insular experience of life on tour and spend some time exploring three very different cities. We’re excited about meeting a load of different artists, discovering new music and seeing some of the lesser-known sides of Dublin, Barcelona and Naples,” commented Lead singer of Bastille, Dan Smith. “It’ll be great to get our heads out of the music we’re playing every day, and be part of a project that encourages us to experience loads of new things and get inspired by people and places outside our usual environments.”