Hermès makes jewelry sing in the new project, The Sound of Hermès Silver

Hermès has added a new, audio dimension to its jewelry in the new digital campaign, The Sound of Hermès Silver. For the effort, the luxury brand has teamed up with London-based United Visual Artists, art and design practice, to create an unconventional digital project in which silver is given a voice, literally. The project was masterminded by the Dan Paris agency.

The creative trio developed a state-of-the-arts installation in which 16 pieces from the new Hermès collection were resting on metallic turntables, each rotated with skillfully designed cogs mechanisms. The turntables with the jewelry got scanned with lasers, producing a unique ambient sound that seems to be coming out from the very heart of each piece.

These sounds were then collected by musician YoggyOne to create the first-ever symphony of silver. Each sound was totally different as it depended on a number of physical dimensions of the piece, its shape, density, volume and weight.

The melody inspired by the metal became the soundtrack of the emotional black-and-white video directed by Caswell Coggins. The spot, which was shot in 35mm, features the pieces from the collection in the mystical atmosphere reinforced with the appearance of a female character, who silently walks in the lights of the room and “puts on” the light bracelets.