Mentos Fresh News transforms your Facebook timeline into a bespoke TV channel all about you

BBH London has developed a new digital project for Perfetti Van Melle-owned Mentos—Fresh News—an app that allows to see yourself in an actual TV news report. Users should log in via Facebook Connect so that the platform could aggregate the basic information about the person and create a personalized humorous report presented by the three program anchors. Since each of the “protagonists” has their own friends list, unique life events and hobbies, the final video report, the “Fresh News” piece, is unique for every user. For the report, they use both Facebook info and data sourced from connected social media accounts, like Foursquare.

The anchors comment on the user’s check-ins and friends’ photos with irony, emphasizing how “fresh” the news is. There’s a selection of jokes that are designed to fit all kinds of events from a person’s life highlighted in the report.

The new marketing initiative by Mentos continues the brand’s endeavor to “help the world be fresher.” With the ultimately personalized “fresh” experience, the confectionary brand follows in the footsteps of Intel, which created the Facebook-based “Me the Musical” for each user, and adidas with “The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop.”

The brand has also launched an online destination, Mentos Fresh Filter, featuring viral images and GIFs. The audience is invited to rate the contributions by clicking on “Fresh” or “Not Fresh” buttons to create the feed of the freshest and most engaging online content.

“We know we’re in a cluttered category as a brand and even busier social space with this youth audience so we need really distinctive communications,” commented Corrado Bianchi, international marketing director at Mentos’ owner, Perfetti Van Melle. “Fresh News is a bold step in the right direction in our mission to help the world be fresher.”