O2 encourages British consumers to adopt more positive, “More Dog” attitude

You already know what it is to be yourself in your world, and it’s time to adopt totally new positive behaviours from others to broaden your horizons. O2, the mobile services provider, is calling British consumers to “Be More” in a new campaign supporting the company’s launch of 4G network.

Though the multi-million pound push is dedicated to the technical service, the new campaign is focused not on tech specifications (it doesn’t mention them at all), but on the active lifestyle theme. The campaign is built around the difference between gloomy, inactive cats and dogs that are always happy, active and ready for an adventure.

O2 has released an inspirational spot, “Be More Dog,” telling a story of a cat that one day decided to experience the life in the canine way. For people, switching to the “be more dog” lifestyle means letting more positivity, excitement, inquisitiveness and new technology into their lives. O2 has rolled out a website, BeMoreDog, where it invites the audience to “embrace their inner dog,” see all the exciting things out there and start living their life to the full.

“Dogs are right to be excited. There are so many things to explore, experience and play with. So why does everyone seem so bored?” the brand asks on the site. Visitors to the hub are also invited to create their own mini spots, Dog Bombs, from just three suggested elements—the introductory phrase, select a grumpy “cat-like behaviour” video of a few seconds and a happy dog mini clip. The spots can be shared over social media sites.

O2 is also encouraging the audience to use a #bemoredog hashtag to create buzz around the marketing effort. There’ll be also a new portion of content for social media platforms to “target, inspire and reward dog-like attitude.”

Cats, which are considered somewhat grumpy and introvert, sometimes can demonstrate their unique ways to enjoy life. Let’s remember famous Maru cat that has become an Internet sensation for his passion for boxes and got featured in UNIQLO’s campaign, or a brave peach-coloured cat named Alloroc (Corolla backwards) that fall in love with a Toyota car.