Stella Artois Connoisseurs: film and sport stars share their professional rituals

To support the idea of craftsmanship behind the Pouring Ritual, Stella Artois launches an inspirational project, The Connoisseur Series, that goes live on the brand’s newly launched UK YouTube channel. The series of clips come as video portraits of renowned quality craftsmen, “connoisseurs,” who use their special rituals to do magic in their field of professional interest.

The faces of the project include tennis legend and bon viveur Henri Leconte, Oscar-nominated film director Wim Wenders, globally recognized polo player Jamie Morrison, film director Shane Meadows (Made of Stone). The last three figures have been engaged in the brand’s promotions or connected with the brand in some way—for instance, Mr. Wenders has directed The Simple Life, the latest advert for Stella Artois Cidre.

All of The Connoisseur Series stars tell their own story of perfection. They unveil their vision on how to reach excellence, trigger inspirations and motivations to make the most of what’s possible in their craft. The narrations revolve around the role of professional rituals that help them reach the highest standards in their professional lives.

Currently, there are four videos in the series, and more films will be added over summer and autumn.

“Discovering the rituals and skill of renowned craftsmen is the perfect celebration of the quality we champion through the Stella Artois pouring ritual, which is built around the Chalice,” commented Phil Pick, marketing manager at Stella Artois. “These videos … shine a spotlight on the creativity of a unique collection of some of the best craftsmen in their fields. Our presence and support at some of the best summer events, from The Cannes Film Festival to Tennis at the Hurlingham Club, will provide the perfect backdrop to showcasing the finest craft and talent in action.”