Swedish crowdfunding startup Reupp “reanimates” axed TV shows

Stockholm-based online platform Reupp leverages the power of international crowdfunding to help revive much-loved, but once cancelled TV series. The digital “reanimation” service also works for those TV shows that are still airing but might need some extra money for continuation.

The clean and crisp Reupp site, launched in late May, features a number of popular TV series including 90’s hit Twin Peaks, Game of Thrones, Futurama and Arrested Development to name a few. The procedure of supporting a TV project is simple—backers grant some amount of money via PayPal to get the series “resurrected,” but the funds turn into donations and go directly to the production team only when the title finally gets produced as a new season, movie, etc. The donating campaign goes on until the producers re-start the series. Watch the 20-sec video above to see how it works.

The platform doesn’t ask to fully fund the content production (with many series, it’s usually millions of dollars), but to demonstrate their desire to watch the new chapter of their favourite show. The money component serves as a proof of the fans’ serious intentions and come as their humble financial contribution to the further development of the franchise. The new platform is also designed to serve as a source of accurate feedback from viewers on their favourite shows.

“Reupp believes that… the current tracking and data systems in place are inadequate to truly measure a TV shows worldwide following. Reupp also hopes to supplement the aging Nielsen rating system Hollywood depends on to judge the popularity of shows, which disproportionately discriminates against online and international viewers,” says the Reupp spokesperson.