Coca-Cola clashes modern and retro in a new anti-obesity ad about Grandpa

Coca-Cola UK has released an emotional spot, “Grandpa,” as part of its long-term commitment to promote healthier lifestyle. The 1-minute TV ad by Argentine-based David The Agency compares daily routines of a young man in his early 30s with those of his grandfather when he was the same age back in 1950-s. The video implicates that six decades ago life was much healthier due to more physical activities and better food choices.

The ad uses a dual screen to compare a typical day of two young men, one from the contemporary life and the other from 1950s. The differences are obvious—a modern man consumes microwaved meal in front of a TV, drives a car, drinks coffee and eats junk food, while his grandpa takes an apple for a snack, eats his home-cooked dinner with his wife, rides a bike and so on.

In the end of the video, both men drink a bottle of Coke—the retro video shifts to the left and disappears, and the guy from the 50-ies transforms into an old man, walking along with his grandson, the «modern man.» With the ad, Coca-Cola clearly communicates the idea that it’s not soft drinks, but reduced physical activity and bad eating habits that cause obesity. The advert ends with an invitation to embrace active lifestyles: “Live like Grandpa did: move more, live well, take it easy, and don’t forget to enjoy life.”

Coca-Cola has also released another spot that highlights the brand’s role of the “happiness ambassador” and celebrates its commitment to get people moving. The “Happiness Is Movement” clip by Johnny Kelly from Nexus Productions uses simple plot to narrate a story about interconnected actions—“I was happy because I was discovering, I was discovering ‘cause I was happy,” etc.

The spot features animatronic wooden puppets as they live lives full of engaging and emotionally rewarding activities that make them happy.