The GE’s latest U.S. campaign illustrates how the brand “Reimagines Home” with consumer insights

GE brings updated kitchen appliances to the U.S. market, supporting the rollout with an extensive and quite aggressive campaign, “Reimagining Home.” In the TV ads and digital executions, launched on August 5, the brand highlights the consumer-inspired improvements that have been made to the products’ design and usability.

The marketing effort, developed by BBDO New York, showcases the macro design modifications of GE Appliances’ design and technology in a crisp and clear manner. In the ads, the brand allows to get a deeper insight into all the changes that have been made to the products to create the kitchen that “is now thinking more like you.” The company accentuates the consumer involvement in the process of modifying the ranges.

We wanted to give a nod to consumers and their role in our process,” commented Tim Matis, director of advertising at GE appliances, as reported by Ad Age.

In the 30-second spot, GE highlights the gritty past of the kitchen and its happy futuristic present. The kitchen space is positioned as a living creature that “learns from you” and analyzes all the mistakes made by the cookers and dishwashers of the previous generation. The brighter part of the video showcases the latest solutions that help save time in the kitchen, not waste it as it was before.

Pic.: A timeline pictiure from / (click to enlarge)

On the GE Appliances website, the brand allows to take a closer look at the new products from the ranges by taking a virtual tour across the “enhanced” kitchen. All the three appliances—a fridge, a cooker and a dishwasher—have their own stories of modification that are narrated in the “you’ve asked—we’ve made” style.

Here’re just two examples of how GE introduces the new improvements inspired by consumers’ insights: “You told us: Bottles are too hard to clean. So we added dedicated bottle jets,” and “You made it clear: you don’t want the exterior of your refrigerator to be a cluttered mess. So, goodbye fridge magnets; hello, LAD screen.”

Pic.: A screenshot from the website, refrigerator section (click to enlarge)

To add more dynamism to the narration, GE has used the scroll-down mode and infused the story with kitchen- and cooking-related facts, fun polls, Vine videos, infographics, and more. In addition to revealing the secrets of the three appliances, GE’s kitchen offers a series of valuable tips, explaining how to separate a yolk from the egg white, how to cut an apple swan, how to peel a head of garlic in seconds with two bowl to name a few. The tips are “stored” in a knife holder that can be foud in the virtual kitchen.

The new campaign also includes a powerful social element. The website is said to feature real-time social sentiments revolving around the kitchen theme like what the audience is talking about their dinner preferences at the moment. The social media activation kicks off on August 19—it will invite consumers to share cooking failure stories and photos using the hashtag #cookingfail. The fans will be competing for a chance to cook the difficult recipe with a celebrity chef in the TV and the GE’s kitchen featured on the website.

GE launches its “Reimagining Home” campaign just when the $15.5 U.S. major household appliance industry started to gradually revive after several years of economic recession. The revenues of the housing appliances industry in the country have declined at an average rate of 4.3% since 2008, IBISWorld, reports. Still, the situation will improve in the coming years—in 2018, the U.S. industry will generate $17.7 billion in revenue with overall 2.8% average annual increase. This year, the improvement will measure 0.2%.