ABSOLUT calls to do things differently under the “Transform Today” banner

ABSOLUT is rolling out a new international campaign, Transform Today, that is all about fostering artistic metamorphosis and connecting daring minds across the planet. To reach this goal, the brand teams up with four contemporary artists who “ignore fate and break boundaries,” reshaping their personal creative vision and the fields they are working in. As part of the new marketing effort, the brand will also reach its consumers, inspiring them to tap into the movement with their own submissions that correspond with the theme.

Pic.: American digital media artist Aaron Koblin featured in ABSOLUT’s Transform Today campaign (click to enlarge)

The campaign by ad agency Sid Lee explores the new dimension of the brand’s collaboration with the people of art. For the past three decades, ABSOLUT has majorly called artists to create their works inspired by the iconic shape of the brand’s bottle. Now, it encourages to restructure the realities to get something totally new. The brand has already previewed the new ethos during the U.S. “Open Canvas” project that was dedicated to transforming dull urban settings into art environment.

The four artists tapped for the campaign do this in their work: Brazilian graphic novel artist Rafael Grampá adds the feeling of choreographic movement to the graphic design he creates; American digital media artist Aaron Koblin merges art and technology, building his informative data visualizations; French multi-talent Woodkid works as an illustrator, designer, director and musician; and France-based emerging fashion designer Yiqing Yin, who reshaps the traditional world of haute couture. All they are said to “craft their work by changing things, breaking things, challenging conventions and recreating themselves in order to become something more.”

Pic.: French haute couture designer Yiqing Yin featured in ABSOLUT’s Transform Today campaign (click to enlarge)

The global campaign featuring the four artists will include a TV commercial, digital promotion and a series of print ads. In the video, ABSOLUT says that “Future is not a given. It’s yours to create. Embrace imagination. And the power of creation. To change tomorrow. You must first transform today.” The updated website of the brand, reveals the profiles of the creatives, images and videos that let users discover the artists universe, goals and inspirations.

Starting November, the brand will be inviting the public to get a yet deeper insight into the creative process led by the artists on the online destination and at the upcoming interactive events. ABSOLUT will also engage consumers by asking them to share their creative projects that explain how they “Transform Today.”

“Transform Today is a call to arms—a rallying cry for a generation of creativity to break free from the idea that anything is predetermined and to take control of their future. The brand ethos manifests our belief that tomorrow is not a given, it’s for everyone to create,” says Jonas Tåhlin. VP Global Marketing at ABSOLUT. “ABSOLUT has always tapped into the transformative power of art, but we’re looking for a way to do things differently and with higher ambitions.”

The campaign arrives soon after ABSOLUT unveiled a redesigned range of its flavoured vodkas. The updated design revolves around symbols and emotions transformed into design, which also syncs with the idea behind the new “Transform Today” campaign.