Adidas Originals teams up with celebrities to bring back the iconic Stan Smith tennis shoes style

Adidas Originals returns its celebrated Stan Smith shoes style, created back in 70s and named after the former World No. 1 American tennis player, with a high dose of creativity sourced from a star-studded collective. For two previous years, the legendary model has been accumulating energy for a spectacular come-back. The sportswear giant is now inviting its fans to visit a dedicated exhibition that will feature the footwear silhouette re-imagined by such celebrities as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Sir Elton John, Boy George, Sharleen Spiteri, Carl Hopgood, Judy Blame and Kylie Minogue to name a few.

The art exhibit, Platform 6, will feature twenty different incarnations of the classic white Stan Smith tennis shoes, reworked by 20 celebrities. The customized versions, inspired by the personal style of the creators and the impressive character of the shoe, range from the white pair featuring neon signs on the front (by Kate Moss) to the “criminal” ones with “blood stains” and a disco-ball elements (“Who killed disco” by Boy George).

The creations will be on display September 7-14. Each of the works can become part of a private collection of Adidas fans—the items will be auctioned until September 14. For instance, the current bid for Boy George’s iteration of the Stan Smith trainers is £500 (there’s been just one bid so far, the next will be £525), and the bid for Elton John’s version is £700 (there’s been three bids already).

adidas_stan_smith_kate_ moss
Photo: adidas Originals Stan Smith by Kate Moss (click to enlarge)
Photo: adidas Originals Stan Smith by Kylie Minogue (click to enlarge)
Photo: adidas Originals Stan Smith by Boy George (click to enlarge)
adidas_stan_smith_naomi_ campbell
Photo: adidas Originals Stan Smith by Naomi Campbell (click to enlarge)