Live Twitter integration with TV in Romania increased the number of local followers by 15%

In March 2013, Coca-Cola rolled out an integrated Twitter-driven campaign on Romanian TV channel ProTV that asked the viewers to tweet about their family meals, so that their messages appeared live as the commercial was airing. Developed by McCann/MRM Worldwide Romania, the campaign continued the brand’s movement centered around the Let’s Eat Together message that integrates into Coke’s general commitment to bring people together.

The effort was launched  in a response to the sad fact that in Romania people tend to eat alone in front of TV—6 of 10 do so instead of sharing their evening meal with others. So Coke invited its fans to tweet personalized invitation for a dinner to their friends and family through the brand’s ad. The audience were sending in their short messages using the hashtag #LetsEatTogether, and the invitations appeared live in the subtitle bar of the commercial.

Advertising agency MRM Worldwide in Romania was responsible for editing the tweets. Each time the ad aired, it contained from five to seven tweets from fans, driving consumer engagement. A famous Romanian chief also joined the movement, hosting special surprise meals for those who tweeted. The caravan traveled across seven cities in the country in April.

The campaign which merged TV and Twitter, helped increase Coke’s Twitter followers base in the market by 15%. It also generated over 1 million social media impressions. In general, several hundreds of tweets made appearance in the Coca-Cola ads. “It made people actually wait for the ad. How often does that happen?” commented Nir Refuah, General Manager at the agency.