Patagonia fighting against ‘growth-based’ capitalism, standing for the responsible economy

The sportswear brand Patagonia has announced a new initiative The Responsible Economy in the U.S. that focuses on the principle of seeing new in the old. The brand is calling consumers and manufacturers to be more attentive to the old things they are going to send to the landfill in order to save more, both for their pockets and the planet.

Pic.: Patagonia explains The Responsible Economy (click to enlarge)

The idea of effective and sustainable allocation of resources, which roots in Patagonia’s “Buy Less” movement, has been promoted via the brand’s newsletters, website, social channels and its latest catalogue. Through this environmental campaign, the company disproves the assumption that the growth-based capitalism, which is dependent on the increasing volumes of production and rising sales, is the only future for a successful brand.

Patagonia also promises that during the next two years it will be closely exploring the vital elements of the so-called responsible economy that delivers practical positive changes to the environment, tackling the problems such as CO2 emissions, ocean acidification, deforestation, desertification, species extinction, water contamination, toxic chemical release, and more.

As part of this “most ambitious and important endeavor [Patagonia has] ever undertaken,” the brand will be collecting the stories, solutions, examples and insights from new leaders of the responsible economy.

“We see a growing global dissatisfaction with the way the present economy relies on relentless consumption in order to function, while delivering less social benefit than it promises. At the same time, we see trends toward meaningful change in both large corporate and industrial movements, and innovative, community-minded businesses. We know we must consume less, and far more slowly—as well as innovate as quickly and ingeniously as we can,” the company claims on its website.

Patagonia, which turns 40 this year, promotes “deepening into the domain,” changing the world around it for better, rather than broadening the boarders of business without any benefit to the environment or people. Some Patagonia’s contributions to making the world better include: using only organic cotton for all its cotton products since 1996, Common Threads Partnership that encourages customers to act responsibly during the “5 R’s” life cycle of the brand’s products (reduce, repair, reuse, recycle, and reimagine) and establishing the $20 Million & Change fund to support responsible start-ups to name a few.

The company has also co-founded 1% for the Planet, Freedom to Roam, The Conservation Alliance, and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and is also a founding member of the Fair Labor Association.