Philips co-develops a retro-style online video game to promote the Citiscape Headphones

As part of its «You Need To Hear This» ongoing campaign by Ogilvy & Mather London, Philips reveals an old school remixable Music Video Game online. To promote the Citiscape Headphones, the brand has revealed a digital ‘80s 16-bit style driving game that evolves into a video for the electronica band Swiss Lips’ new music piece, “Carolyn.” The effort has been developed to reach 18 to 24-year-old consumers and demonstrate them the “coolness” of the Philips Citiscape Headphones.

The experience is highly interactive and includes a number of plot variations that depend on the choices a player makes during the game. This allows to create a personalized clip that works as a shareable music video for the track. The storyline is simple: the band’s front man Sam (users act as him) is fighting the evil “Flame Gang” to win his love named Carolyn. The settings are totally retro with all these neon colors, primitive animation, zombies, girl fights, nudity, fast cars, and more. Endings of the video range from an underwater expedition, a cruise along the beach, a drive through a busy urban area, a trip inside the whale, and more—there’re 15 of variations.

Philips warns that some things “make the track sound amazing and some things don’t,” so the players should be selective when choosing the next step. The best versions are highlighted on a social media powered leader board. The brand also says that the entire experience sounds a way better with Philips headphones. The computer speakers generally distort the sound of the game, and in the headphones it sounds just perfect.

Moreover, each settings in the game is linked to different themed sounds, seven “audio worlds”—for instance, while heading to the beach one will hear a samba sound and on the way to the moon—a spacey tune. The act of changing lanes also activates a new audio experience—the music is like going from one year to another. It was a challenging task to create a selection of audio effects that change depending on the player. “This production pushes the technical limits further than any of our previous productions. Thus, it’s the current state of the art,” commented the producer on the campaign, Marc D’Souza.

The project also has a social media twist. Philips will be posting secret codes on its Facebook page that will allow an enhanced audio experience. Users will be able to get audio upgrades in the game by entering brand names of the range headphone line.