22% of Brits are ‘Digital Trendies’, Kantar Media’s TGI reports

TGI (Target Group Index), the single-source marketing surveys provider and a part of Kantar Media, has released its latest research on how Europeans (in France, Germany and the U.K.) consume digital technology. Based on 19 different attitudes like “it is important my household is equipped with the latest technology” through to “computers confuse me, I’ll never get used to them” at the other end of the spectrum, the agency has compiled a classification of five type of digital users: Digital trendy, Digital expert, Digital me too, Digital cautious and Digital quick ‘n easy.

Pic. French Digital Trendies -- infographics by TGI
Pic. French Digital Trendies, infographics by TGI

‘Digital trendies’ are the biggest group that represents 22% of the surveyed public in the U.K. and roughly 18% in France and Germany. These are predominantly tech-savvy men of 15-34 years old who own various devices and love using them, as well as enjoy spending money rather than saving it, and make online purchases at least once a week. For example, in France this specific group of consumers owns such devices as tablets (11% compared to 5% of average adults aged 15+ who own a tablet), games consoles (62%), MP3/MP4 players (44%),  satellite navigation (57%), and Blue-Ray players (69%).

Pic. German Digital Trendies -- infographics by TGI
Pic. German Digital Trendies, infographics by TGI

Digital Trendies in Germany are rational and rely on the online reviews when look for a mobile phone or service plans, among other purchases. They are 42% more likely than an average German adult aged 15+ to view professional reviews on a product online, 31% to view user reviews, and 26% more likely to think that the brand is an important factor for making a purchase decision.

Pic. British Digital Trendies -- infographics by TGI
Pic. British Digital Trendies, infographics by TGI

The UK Digital Trendies seem to be Internet- and device-addicts: 46% of them say that they can’t live without the Internet on their mobile phones. 80% of them use the Internet more than once a day (compared to 53% of other Brits), 40% of them spend at least 20 hours of free time online (blogging, watching programs, surfing or chatting) a week. Not only are they Internet-addicts, they seem to be the most actively influenced by advertising: UK digital trendies are 129% more likely than average people to buy things that celebrities do.

The full report can be downloaded here.