Diesel’s Jogg Jeans new collection: jersey + denim = free motion

Diesel has recently rolled out a campaign to push Jogg Jeans, the product that fuses durability and style of denim with ultimate softness and comfort of jersey sweatpants. The lineup of the jeans modified with the soft fabrics touch to fit the active lifestyles was silently introduced back in 2011, but it’s the first time Diesel actually speaks loudly about this innovation.

Photo: Diesel presents Jogg Jeans (click to enlarge), /www.facebook.com/Diesel

These days, most of jeans brands are re-imagining denim to make it more stretchy and fitting (like Levi’s) and even moisturizing (like Wrangler). With the Jogg Jeans collection, Diesel taps into this movement, revealing the fabrics that allow more flexibility and comfort coupled with the iconic denim styles. This hybrid takes the most valuable features from the both components—the knitted element gives it the softness, comfort and feel of a casual jersey, while the denim allows durability.

“It uses the same weaving method used to make denim, but with a special patented technique makes it look like denim on the outside and like jersey sweatpant fabric on the inside,” says the product’s page. The fabric features 90% cotton, woven together with 8% polyester and 2% elastane for retaining shape better. What’s also important, the denim “genes” allow to create various washes and treatments—the Jogg Jeans can even be broken, which is totally impossible with knitted fabrics. The range includes pants in various cuts, jackets, shorts, shirts and dresses, all looking like original denim clothes.

To emphasize the unique motion-inspired nature of the Jogg Jeans, Diesel has rolled out a cross-platform promotion that sees a team of professional dancers energetically perform all kinds of choreographic pieces, ranging from 60’s dance moves and ancient Egyptian styles to the street dance of NYC. Of course, all of them are wearing the Jogg Jeans as they dance to illustrate the freedom of move in the modified jeanswear. The advert shot in the blue lights is set to Azealia Banks new song “ATM Jam”. In addition to the 1-minute centerpiece video, the brand, led by recently appointed artistic director Nicola Formichetti, has also released a series of short films for deeper social engagement. The campaign was photographed by Tim Richardson.

Diesel is also prepearing for the launch of the Diesel Spring Summer 14 campaign—those who want to become faces of the upcoming promotion, can submit applications here.