Geox puts waterproof shoes under a manmade non-stop raining cloud in Barcelona

The footwear brand Geox proved the ultimate water resistance of its shoes with Amphibiox technology with an unprecedented experiment. The manufacturer teamed up with Norwegian agency SMFB for a seven-day test that put Geox’s waterproof shoes under extreme conditions of non-stop raining. There were seven pairs of shoes and one brave man participating in the experience that was filmed in Barcelona’s urban settings.

The effort follows last year’s Geox’s award winning Amphibiox campaign that put the waterproof shoes into Cherrapunjee village in India, which is the rainiest place on earth that has a record annual rainfall of around 12,000 mm. This time, the Italian brand travelled to sunny Barcelona—and it required some technology to bring in a non-stop raining with an artificial portable cloud. The protagonist, 34-year-old Tom, was travelling across the city with his own private cloud hanging over his head—the fluffy “piece” provided relentless rain and constant humidity during the experiment.

The MediaMonks production team filmed and digitalized the experience that is now unveiled in detail on the special digital hub. Geox illustrates each of the seven days of the test, highlighting the technology, the CloudCar, the day-by-day challenges Tom was through—hacking, going on a date, etc. in the settings packed with various obstacles such as wet grass, torrents and puddles.

Pic. A screen from the website (click to enlarge)

“Encapsulating both the durability of the Geox shoes and the endurance of our tester Tom was a challenge to say the least. Additionally, we introduced a ‘shoe cam’ that captured the shoes with super slow-motion macro Phantom shots, and a team to ensure we captured all of story’s emotional moments. The interactive experience allows users to freely navigate through the 7 days, ‘shoe cam’ shots and behind the scenes footage,” Rogier Schalken from MediaMonks Films, commented on the production.