Levi’s in team-up with Skillshare will teach art online for a minimal fee

Levi’s extends its recent global campaign, “Make Our Mark,” with a knowledge-focused partnership with the collaborative learning company Skillshare. Together, they are launching a series of online video classes that will help users develop creative skills as different as designing meaningful tattoos, capturing the surroundings with a mobile phone, creating typographics inspired by sound, designing vintage-inspired postcards from the future, and more.

The classes that launch starting today, October 2, will be taught by six experts in various creative fields. The teachers include legendary graphic designer David Carson, urban explorer Cubby Graham, and Rihanna’s tattoo artist BANG BANG among others. The classes will be revolving around the four themes—origins, passions, methods and goals—that propel individual creativity. The most successful creations by the students will be included in a Make Our Mark time capsule.

One of the classes, Stop Motion Videos: Create + Animate, is free, and the rest five require a sing-up fee as low as $10. The initiative has a charitable component, too—100% of proceeds generated through this educational initiative will be donated to the 826 National foundation that promotes arts and music education for kids.