Porsche records a “birthday roar” for the 911 model

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of its 911 model, Porsche is presenting a nice musical promotion that uses cars as musical scale syllables. Each of the seven cars, including the vintage and modern versions, are revving their engines to produce seven notes. Each car is “responsible” for one of the tones, depending on the model’s generation—from “c”  for the oldest (1963-1973) through “h”  for the latest (2011-2013).

Pic: A screenshot from the website www.50years-911-en.porsche-events.cn (click to enlarge)

“Sometimes, you don’t need a piano to create a symphony. Watch how 7 generations of Porsche 911 play a very special song,” Porsche writes below the video that demonstrates how the song was performed. The 1:30 spot starts with the presentation of the cars that act as musical instruments in the effort. View the spot below.

The special micro-site invites consumers to play an arcade music game that requires a keyboard. Users are to choose the model to start from. As they see a colored bar approaching one of the «note» models, they are to hold a key with a correspondent figure (1-7) until the bar is gone. Users have to collect the required number of points to go to the next level and unlock the Porsche film. The Free Play mode is to arrive soon.