Google Glass to get prescription lenses by Rochester Optical starting early 2014

Google Glass, rumored to be launched for public next year, will feature prescription lenses for consumers who need it. The enhancements for weak-sighted people will be developed by New York-based company Rochester Optical and arrive in early 2014.

The announcement was made in the press release from the optical manufacturer and in the Google+ post by Tim Moore, co-founder of social media agency SayItSocial and founder of Venture Glass, one of the early Glass Explorers and a new member of the Rochester Optical team.

Photo: RochesterOptical to produce custom prescription, fashion, and sport lenses for Google Glass,

The add-on lenses for Google Glass will be priced just like standard Rochester Optical ones for regular optical frames, with no additional “Google pricing.” Mr. Moore shared in the comments to his post that the lenses will not be a Google product in any way. The release comes as a commercial reaction to third-party companies to the Google Glass’ big contribution to the wearable technology niche.

The lenses for Google Glass will be available from Rochester Optical’s website in various formats—custom prescription, fashion, and sport lenses. This makes the new wearable device truly user-friendly as it meets the demands of people with weak sight and also echoes their active lifestyles. “The arm mount will fit Google Glass perfectly, and it will be available in a number of colors that will match Glass colors,” commented Moore to Mashable.

In late October, Google announced the expansion of its Explorers program, inspiring the early adopters of Google Glass to invite their three friends to join in and test the device.