Google launches Winter Wonderlabs to showcase its latest gadgets

Google is entering the winter holiday season with travelling Winter Wonderlabs that are now opening across the USA. These pop-up venues work both as product displays and as creative spaces, inviting consumers to explore the Google’s product from various perspectives. Designed as giant Snow Globes, the venues evoke the festive spirit and provide a deeper insight into a variety of gadgets the tech powerhouse is here to offer.

At the temporary installations, consumers are able to play and try the latest items produced by Google. In the PlayZone, they are invited to experience the new offerings in the brand’s tech lines—from Nexus 7 and Chromecast to the latest Chromebooks (the Google Glass is not on the list). Visitors to the hotspots are invited to listen to music, watch videos and films, play games or browse the web, using the hardware from Google’s range.

In addition to exploring the gadgets, visitors will be invited to create slow-motion videos of them in the Snow Globe to keep and share with friends and family—in the videos consumers are jumping and dancing in CGI snowfall. The clips will be featured on the dedicated site—at the moment, the section is empty, the only example of such slow-mo is the introductory video of the effort.

The Snow Globes will be promoting the Google’s devices ahead of the frenzy of the Christmas shopping season. Visitors to the venues will be able to order the newest devices right on the spot—the tech giant also details them on the site of the initiative.

The Winter Wonderlabs will be popping out across the USA throughout the winter season—they will arrive to six locations, including New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles and Sacramento, Calif. The site features the maps, indicating where exactly in the city the Lab will open, but there are no exact dates on the official page. A Google spokesperson shared that the NYC Winter Wonderlab will be running from November 16 through December 22, and the New Jersey’ Snow Globe by Googel will be open from November 16 until December 24.