Heineken unveils The Scenthesizer, a DJ panel that mixes music and… aromas

Heineken has tapped into the synesthesia theme by developing a project that gives music a new dimension. Heineken Green Room Singapore has unveiled a state-of-the-art DJ device that enhances tracks with smells—a prototype called The Scenthesizer allows DJs to diffuse various scents while a track is playing.

For this project the brand has teamed up with T.J, a scent expert, who helped DJ Funk Bast*rd (Darker than Wax) highlight different parts of his long music set with best-fitting aromas. Since most of electronic music pieces are long, like a true audio narration, “the scents should also evolve and change with the music,” the DJ says. “Music will never smell the same again,” Heineken promises at the end of the presentation video.

It’s not the first time the brand boosts partying by merging different sensual experiences. Earlier this year, it unveiled Ignite, the “first smart beer bottle,”  that responded with blinking to the motion.

Pic.: The scheme of The Scenthesizer, www.creativereview.co.uk (click to enlarge)