IKEA once again makes soft toys contribute to affordable education for children from deprived regions

IKEA is announcing the launch of its annual seasonal initiative Soft Toys for Education aimed to raise funds to provide children in developing regions with an access to quality education. As part of this international effort, the company donates one euro from each IKEA soft toy purchased during the two-month period, through January 4, to UNICEF and Save the Children.

Every year, IKEA presents a children’s book featuring new characters. This year’s book is an optimistic fairy-tale “The Princess and the Happiness”  translating a simple message that happiness can be found just everywhere. The new characters of the book are the soft toy wolf LUFSIG, the princess NOJSIG and the king GULLGOSSE, the elf KRULLIG, and the fairy with a magic spell SÅNGTRAST. Each of the toys will deliver both joy and play and, in the long view, knowledge through the educational initiatives that they support financially.

The initiative, running since 2003, has already supported 10 million children in 46 countries by generating $74 million of funds for 90 projects. The money generated through the effort are used to refine child-friendly teaching methods, supply teachers with educational materials, provide better protection and sanitation facilities, and more.

“IKEA’s soft toys bring smiles to the faces of thousands of children. But many children across the globe have few reasons to smile. They don’t have access to basic things most of us take for granted—like clean water, food or education. IKEA’s annual Soft Toys for Education campaign makes a real difference—helping thousands of new children every year get an opportunity to receive a quality education,” Per Heggenes, CEO IKEA Foundation.

Pic.: A screenshot from the IKEA for Children page on the www.ikea.com/gb website (click to enlarge)