Philips uses the power of the crowd to unveil its new logo

The Dutch tech giant Philips is changing its visual identity and promoting the overhaul through a social-media intriguing campaign. The company has launched a micro-site where users can uncover the new logo pixel by pixel. The entire shield will be revealed today, on November 13.

The online destination allows any person to “claim the spot” via his or her Facebook or Twitter profile. Users choose any pixel they like, in any part of the logo. Every time a user claims a bit, a tiny part—a pixel—of the upcoming logo becomes visible. A user’s profile image appears in the tiny square on a close-up—when the logo is viewed in a full size, the faces are not seen.

Pic: A screenshopt of the UncoverPhilips site (click to enlarge)

So far, more than 11,000 people have already “taken over” their spot on the shield, claiming nearly 24% of it. There’re over 38,000 pixels to be claimed, the statistics below the page says. Most of the claimers are from the Netherlands, other countries in the top 5 include the USA, Brazil, the UK, and India.

Philips started the movement on its Twitter account on November 11, encouraging the followers to join in the process of visual decoding. The new brand sign will be revealed at 6 p.m., the Netherlands time.

From what is revealed now, it is clear that Philips hasn’t changed the logo dramatically. The shield features a circle with a starts and two waves as well as a recognizable blue wordmark. Earlier, the brand invited its Twitter audience to take a look at how the Philips logos evolved over the past decades.

Photo: The evolution of Philips logo throughout the years (click to enlarge),