Sustainability in six steps: Futerra and BSR build a manual-like online archive of best business cases

Merely every business big or small understands the importance of being perceived as sustainable by customers and, moreover, BE sustainable. However, a few know how to develop and implement a sustainability strategy, what areas of improvement they should embrace, and, finally if it pays off? 

Photo: targeting the right business driver
Photo: targeting the right business driver

Sustainability communications agencies Futerra and BSR have examined every issue a company may face trying to respond to these challenges. The two agencies, who discovered the sad fact that only 2% of consumers are genuinely interested in sustainable lifestyles now, have just released yet another survey on activating sustainable lifestyles—it resulted in a new practical business tool for companies seeking to improve their sustainability performance, the Business Case Builder. It is designed as an interactive archive of the best case studies organised by categories (such as Waste & Resources, Energy & Water, Healthy Living, Sustainable Products) and a theoretical knowledge bank with valuable insight and detailed step-by-step guidance.

About 50 case studies covering different aspects of sustainability have been shared by Carlsberg, Johnson&Johnson, L’oreal, Disney, Mars, Ebay and some more— all of the materials are publicly available on the website for download.

As this is still a BETA version, BSR and Futerra ask potential users of the platform that represent some brand to send their feedback to improve the service. Have a sneak peek at Business Case Builder today!